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The Bahari Bay Company’s Wellness Studio

Our Wellness Studio has organically grown and brings together a holistic approach to treating the individual needs of your body, mind and spirit. We have created a sanctuary and provide individualised massage therapies, personal and professional advancement life coaching and hold our Rejuvenescence sessions. It is also home the Australian made Crystal Smelling Salts™.


Provides individualised body massage treatments that stimulate circulation, eliminate toxins that will ensure blissful awakening of the senses...

Our philosophy for achieving success with our clients is a simple understanding - you are the expert of your life. Together we will create the Life You Love and Want!

Within each session you will realign your internal axis, focus your breath and allow the space between it inspire you.

Bahari Bay Company Wellness Studio

Our massages are relaxing but do you really know the benefits and effects it can have on your body? Here are a few common benefits: Reduces Muscular aches and pains, improves joint mobility and flexibility, reduces and eliminates pain, improves blood circulation, improves lymphatic drainage
The Benefits of a Massage

Our massages are relaxing but do you really know the benefits and effects it can have on your body ?

Food for Thought

We all know that food makes us happy, whether we are enjoying a relaxing meal with friends and family or finally enjoying a treat after a long day, eating food can definitely boost our moral.

Inner Health

If a person is subjected to stress, whether physical, emotional or environmental, the body will have to work harder to maintain a balance.

Wellness Studio Review

My massage experience with Nicci was amazing. I walked out feeling very relaxed and refreshed. A regular appointment is a must.


Wellness Studio Review

Nicci, I see you as my blessing in disguise. You have a genuine knack when it comes to understanding people. Your positive, caring and uplifting personality makes it so easy for me to open up. Through your coaching I have been able to make positive changes and set clear goals for the future. Nicci is truly a ray of sunshine. I would highly recommend Nicci to anyone seeking a genuinely sincere life coach. Thank you Nicci I look forward to booking with you again when your in Abu Dhabi.

Lisa Fraser

Wellness Studio Review

Bahari Bay Wellness Studio is exceptional. From the moment you walk in, the studio is warm and welcoming. You are then treated to the most relaxing and invigorating experience that you wish would never end. Nicci knows the right techniques to relieve stress and muscle strains. It feels like you are walking on air when you leave. Cannot recomend Bahari Bay Wellness Studio highly enough.

Steven and Jenny Peake


  • “I knew who I was this morning, but I’ve changed a few times since then” - Alice in Wonderland written by Lewis Carroll. We adults have had our ups and downs dealing with so much change, confusion and disruption.  Our children, and I’m

  • Here in Australia, we have been doing a fabulous job of social distancing to help save lives and keep under the curve.  It has, unfortunately, caused a little uncertainty and anxiety for some because we find ourselves disconnected from work colleagues,

  • 60%-80% of GP doctor visits are related to stress, yet it’s astonishing that only as little as 3% of those patients walk away with a stress management plan. (JAMA INTERN Med. 2012;173)1):76-77   There’s no need to list off statistics to prove