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I was skimming through YouTube (as you do) and I watched Molly Sims’, 2020 Resolutions video. It’s a very personal and raw account of her year ending 2019.  Moving forward to what goals she is setting in 2020 and how she thinks, feels and sees those goals evolving.

Her goals are coming from a very deep part of her being. Just watching her, you can see she has lived and played by rules set by others in her past and that’s been okay up until now.

Facing this difficult time has presented her with equally strong feelings that have ignited her into taking more control over her decisions. It’s giving her clearer vision as to where and how she’s going to set boundaries that are more in line with her self-belief.  She is making her own rules to live by that resonate within her and fully support her vision of her future self.

Most women come to a place in time where she challenges what is, was, or possibly continues to be, and looks the for strength to tackle it.  Like parenting, there is no rule book!  So yes, it can be raw, messy or painful, or possibly you will just gracefully glide forward towards your goal.

However you arrive at your future, it will be because you felt, saw, planned and actioned it. So like Molly, be determined, be compassionate and honest but mostly be true to yourself.

I wish her and her family love and strength during this difficult time.

When have you felt powerful emotion that motivated you to change? When and what was the circumstance that you felt empowered and passionate with self-belief?

You can watch Molly’s video here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1n16M0jT0M

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