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Grounding is a powerful technique anyone can use to earth or anchor your body and emotions. By using the grounding technique in times of stress or anxiety you may instantly calm your emotions, gather your thoughts and clear your mind. It’s also a useful technique to strengthen your instincts and reboot your energy levels.


Most adults have experienced stressful situations, have been overwhelmed or had strong emotions at times. Naturally your body activates the sympathetic nervous system with a rush of hormones gearing you to either run or stay and fight. You may have heard of the fight or flight response. Other acute stress responses you may experience include the quickening of your breath and rapid heart rate. While in this state your mind struggles to keep up with the abundance of adrenaline hormones raging about your body. This is why you can’t think clearly and possibly feel like you have lost all control of your surroundings.


Studies have shown it can take anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes after the event to return back to normal.


The grounding technique is very helpful to bring our mind back to a level of calmness and clarity, while anchoring your body back within itself. It allows you the time to think, respond positively and in a manner you would normally, rather than a negative or out of control reaction.


Here are the recommended tips to help in times of stress and anxiety. NOTE – this technique is fabulous to use when you notice you’re becoming tense or stressed.

–       Look around you

–       Find five things you can SEE

–       Find four things you can TOUCH

–       Find three things you can HEAR

–       Find two things you can SMELL

–       And one thing you can TASTE.


I developed Crystal Smelling Salts™ out of personal necessity to help ground me while preparing for exams, to cope with travel and flights, and mostly to aid in dealing with personal situations that bring about strong emotions.


I see the jar, the tactile feel of the glass, hearing salts and crystals move within, the incredible smell as I sniff the oils, and essence on the back of my throat as I inhale in and out.


Breathe and relax.


Have you ever experienced anxiety and wished you knew how to ground yourself?  Have you used the “grounding” technique? What was your experience after grounding your emotions?  Where have you used the technique possibly on a long-haul flight?  Have you used it to strengthen your instincts and reboot your energy levels?

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