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Have you ever received a gift that brings joy and meaning into your life every day?

I received such a gift from a dear friend of mine, Trish, last Christmas.  It’s the “I can do it” 2020 calendar by Louise Hayes.

Every morning I get to tear off yesterday’s affirmation to read what my new focus for the day will be. You might be thinking you’ve had these in the past and they sit on your desk and all too soon it’s forgotten about. Well it was suggested to me (by another dear friend, Mandy) that I keep mine where I get dressed in the morning so I read it first thing.

Boom baby… didn’t that make all the difference!

By simply moving my little calendar from one spot to another it has given it a new significance. Not only do I think about the quote as I go about my morning routine, I’m filled with gratitude for the gifts and friendships I have.  And that is a powerful and positive place to start each day.

I started to look at how I ‘place’ myself, physically and emotionally, in my life. Where do I sit in my relationships with family and friends?  Could I simply change my position or perception of what I’m seeing, doing, feeling and be filled with more gratitude for the life I lead?

Well, I’m here to tell you, I can. What you perceive is happening, is only your perception. By taking a moment to simply change your position you will give yourself a greater understanding of what is truly unfolding.  You will no longer be limited. You will however, be challenged and a little uncomfortable because that’s the way we expand and grow, leading to gratitude and better understanding.

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