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It’s a simple smell

I love summer and I love summer in Queensland.  Friday arvo drinks with friends, lazy days on the beach and I love the feeling of fresh crisp cotton sheets on our hot balmy nights. And the ultimate summer sound, rain belting down on a tin roof.  We have had horrendous fires here in Australia and for a lot of Aussies they haven’t heard that sound in many months or even years.  Well today, it belted down here on the Bayside in Brisbane and the sound was pure bliss.  On the telly I’ve been watching kids in country paddocks jumping in mud puddles and the funniest was a herd of cattle bouncing (I’d like to say dancing but not sure cows dance?) around in the pouring rain.  They were loving it and for a few it was the first time ever.


It’s funny how the smell of the rain comes first.  It comes on a fleeting breeze of cool air just before the first drops hit.  Today I watched people’s heads lift and sniff at the air and they all smiled.  It’s instantaneous and for each person it’s a knowing of what’s coming.  Summer rain. They smiled for good reason because our sense of smell is the oldest part of our brain.  Not only does it store meanings behind smells, but the memories that go along with them. Like the snap of your finger, a smell can take you to faraway places or back in time.  Maybe time travel is real?


I think this is why in Summer I tend to use more organic and natural fragrances. I’m pulled towards essential oils.  As a kid the Summer memories are sticky sweet oranges, my grandmother’s lavender sachets in her dresser drawers and that earthy smell that comes when the fern trees and garden is soaked by the rain.  I believe this is why I’ve always blended my own oils at home, like putting a few drops on sheets when the kids were teething.  I knew the power of smell and how quickly it worked and now I know the science behind it.  As I look back at all of this on a rainy afternoon, blending, sniffing and using essential oils was always going to be in my future.


I’d love to know what time travel you do when you smelling something?  Usually a memory is associated with a smell and it can be quite quirky and come out of nowhere.  Have you had this experience?  Have you tried my Crystal Smelling Salts™ yet?