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I have had a diverse life and career and it’s helped me understand that through growth and an ability to adapt and evolve, each of us can reach our own greatness.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the biggest impact on our lives. So why are so many of us booking up every minute of the day and missing the simple things? These simple things or moments are specifically for our own growth and happiness. That’s why my first rule for living the best life is to live a simple life or simplify your days.

Simplify your days

I believe that inner health and wellness is linked to the whole person, our moods and physical state. Prioritising what we do physically and mentally so we get to live our best life is equally as significant to what we feed our body. Our inner wellness is linked to our happiness and growth, so always make the best choice when feeding your body. Simple fresh foods and nutrition should be our first choice.

Choose inner wellness first

So much good stuff happens to us and we aren’t even awake for it. Our body’s are rejuvenating at a cellular level every night when we sleep just so we can continue living the best life we can. Why not give your body a helping hand and allocate time to get the best restful sleeping hours?

Rest up and sleep well

There are two main areas of wellness, our physical and mental state. Choosing to feed our body well is only part of the equation. We need to be aware of what our thoughts are telling us and how that impacts our way of living. Our inner voice is a powerful thing, so make sure it’s servicing your best interests.

Take note of what you’re thinking

These are my four rules. It’s only four because I find it hard to keep on track and I like to make sure it’s not too overwhelming. Keeping it simple is a 2020 goal! Do you have a rule you live by, or maybe a few? I’d love to hear what they are if you don’t mind sharing.

Chat soon!


  • Helen Meadows
    March 1, 2020

    Hi Nicci
    Love your blogs.
    My Mum taught us not to get hung up on the small stuff. I try hard not too but sometimes it is not easy but always grateful for the life I am so blessed to have. Wonderful family and friends.💕💕


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