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Our Wellness Studio has organically grown and brings together a holistic approach to treating the individual needs of your body, mind and spirit. We have created a sanctuary and provide individualised massage therapies, personal and professional advancement life coaching and hold our Rejuvenescence sessions.  It is also home the Australian made Crystal Smelling Salts™.

It started from a simple idea to create a space where we proved a holistic approach to wellness.

The word Bahari is a Swahili word derived from the Arabic language meaning Ocean/ Sea, relating to Sailor of the Sea. I first came across the word in Dubai and loved the way the word summed up one of the most treasured parts of my life, the Bayside area of Brisbane, Queensland.

I think of myself as a Bayside local. My grandfather was a Captain and leisure sailor. He ran the vehicle ferry from our side of the river to the other for many years. My dad was a Captain and loved fishing. As you can assume, I pretty much grew up on the bay fishing & boating. My mother went into labour after dad ran aground on a sneaky sand bar off Moreton Island. I have loads of fond memories as a girl spending a good many school holidays staying with the light house keeper’s kids and running the goat tracks at Cape Moreton.

Fast forward, I have three amazing adult kids and a wonderful husband. We have travelled to over 20 countries between us and lived an expat life in the Middle East for 10+ years. We have enjoyed exploring many diverse cultures and experienced acceptance, faith and differing values on many levels.

The Bahari Bay Company has a strong vision of the future. We see things with great hope and provide a calm, safe environment at our wellness studio allowing you to pause, reflect and tune into your own greatness.