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I’m starting off the year with a big push on achieving more of my own goals and I’m going to take my own advice in order to achieve them.  It’s a little bit “monkey say monkey do” and I should know better because I see first-hand the success that comes from achieving goals through coaching. I’ve got big plans for 2020 and this is how I’m going to achieve them.

I need to remind myself that our brains are hard wired to evaluate what we see, hear, smell and feel so it makes sense that when we start to think about goals we have to be “sensory specific” by using the sensory system of our brains to our advantage. By doing so, I start to program and drive my language and mind towards obtaining my ultimate goal or dream.  This is why it’s suggested we have picture boards, write things down and listen out for information.

When you do this, you’ll find your attention directs itself towards external and internal resources needed because you are concentrating on what you internally and externally see, hear and feel about your goal.  Being sensory specific means your goal is one of desire, pulling you towards what you want.


Don’t think about the monkey wearing the red cap!


It’s at this point I need to remember an absolute must do without fail when setting out my goals.  Your goals have to be specific and they need to fully resonate with you and only you.   I’m not to get caught up in other people’s versions of what goals are or what success means to them.  You have to be INTENTIONAL when setting your goals – what does it look, feel, sound, taste like to you.  This guarantees you will not only succeed but you’ll love living the result.


Don’t be distracted by the monkey.


I’m going to kickstart my goal setting list using these 4 steps:

  1. Always refer to my goal in a positive way.

Be sensory specific – especially where you are in your life now and then what your future goal is? (The what, where questions) and my all-time favourite, what are you going towards?

  1. I’m going to chunk it down

Set your goal in stages and do this in two parts.  The physical steps you need to take and the behavioural steps you need to take so you don’t get overwhelmed.

  1. Be totally honest with myself.

You have to follow through on this goal, so be totally honest and ask yourself the hard questions like, can I maintain and control my behaviour and intention in achieving this goal?  Remembering you can’t depend on others for the success of you achieving your goal!

  1. I’m adding this to my morning routine

Factor in a time every day to write about yourself and all your glorious details. Journal your life in detail. Sometimes physically writing it down can make all the difference! It’s your personal story, thoughts, beliefs, loves and dislikes.

I’m really passionate about how to set out goals and I love when I see I’m actually living the result.  It feels like this is the way it’s always meant to be.  That’s because I have made my goals sensory specific.  It’s certainly a better way to think more clearly and takes you from the point you’re at now to living out the dream.

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